Visual Studio Code: the editor I didn’t think I needed
Hugo Di Francesco

I switched to VSCode after reading this article. What really got me was lots of the things in Atom that were extensions, were build right in, and not maintained by free community members (these tend to lack in quality).

Customization is nice. But I didn’t like having to customize SO MUCH every time. With VSCode all I had to do was modify tab spacing, scroll past bottom, and increase the zoom by 2 (and it zoomed everything! not just the code).

I really like the default key bindings. It seems they made an effort to keep them simple. In Atom so many default key bindings need multiple modifiers. The biggest example is for toggling case/regex/word all it is in VSCode is Alt C/R/W piece of cake. In atom I still don’t remember it, case is Ctrl + Shift + C, then regex is like Ctrl+Shift+/.

To access and search and configure “your extensions” on Atom you have to dig deep. If you want to “discover/search new extensions” that’s another story. In VSCode its just Ctrl + Shift + X for both.

I only need 4 extensions: Contextual Duplicate, Copy Github URL, Open in Github, and Sort — — compared to Atom I needed 18. Even the themes were use created (they didn’t have a good built in light theme).

I have been looking for an alternative as Atom freezes on startup randomly (twice a week but it would destroy my workspaces). And is horrible with large files!!

The integrated terminal and github really got me. Up till now I was using another terminal window, and then the github app. That was 3 windows per project! Now its all in just one workspace!!

I have some issues like:

  • Camel case navigation of cursor (alt + arrow key, alt + shift + arrow key)
  • Better untoggling of block comment (im trying to untoggle when my cursor is within the block commented section, but it puts another block comment within the block comment — which breaks the outer block)
  • Cursor history not limited to file (alt + arrow keys) —
  • With zoom increased, some preview panels are messed up — —
  • Inability to get light theme on the “Activity Bar” (but I just hit anyways)
  • No minimap but I see thats coming real soon

Thanks for this article, it finally got me to try VSCode and I’m loving it. I have some issues like:

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