Words of TIME

The last couple days my entire thought process has changed. Every aspect of life has changed for me. All of this has happened through one event. It’s crazy what the power of TIME does to a person. TIME it gives you knowledge that you once didn’t have. TIME it gives you the power to forget or remember the imbalances in your life. TIME it gives you the power to create or the power to destruct. TIME to most is just a way of looking back or looking forward. Why does time have to be counted with numbers on a circler object with 3 hands. Time isn’t limited. It can’t be kept within the boarders of a clock. Let TIME expand your thought process. Think of TIME as something you can build stronger and smarter. You can build bridges, muscles, shoes, clothes, nature, genetics, cars, bikes, animals and the list goes on. But yet the one thing that we have over looked and I think of as a disadvantage is TIME. Society today has brain washed us into thinking that you need to go to college when you 18, that you should have a great career when your 27, that today we have to have a family by your mid thirties and finally that the idea of success to. A big part of society is a simple 9 to 5 job. Can’t our lives be on our own inner clock. At some points of your life you’ll have cycles of waking up at 3 am and you’ll have no idea why but what if that is when your inner mind is at it’s most creative. Don’t let TIME limit your potential. start now or start in 5 yrs. Don’t let anyone control your inner clock.