Rush hour in Bangalore

There are times when we write about things that fascinate us. Other times, we write about things that terrify us. They shake us to our bones till we're cold and shivering, sitting in the corner of a room. And then, there are those things that both fascinate and terrify us. Like, for instance, those times of consistent, sustained eye contact with someone on the street, for a few seconds too long. So long that it might actually send them over the edge and deep into your bones. So long, that they'll stand facing you while you try to recede to the deepest corners of your mind before you realize that you are completely revealed and you have nowhere to hide. But then, you'll hear the traffic, and your friends shouting your name and you will quickly disconnect.
It will be this particular time in space, that a connection will be formed. A time where two separate worlds will actually collide and you will always find yourself remembering their eyes.

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