This City

Dogs bark, cars beep
voices laugh while I sleep
all alone in a foreign city

Córdoba, Argentina

Now I laugh with new faces
food, drinks and different places
I’m not alone in this city

Foreign culture, foreign tongues
they never guess that I’m so young
found friends in this city

Open minds, open arms
foreign men with their charm
say you’re not alone in this city

Late nights, long walks
a few beers and deeper talks
we’re alone in this city

Hard work, happy days
care for children and watch them play
found innocence in this city

Now I change to new places
and say good bye to those old faces
alone again in this city

Travel north, east and west
to do the things that we love best
who is in this city?

Ice cream, coffee
so many places I wish to see
all alone, which city?

Now the money is getting tight
attacked and robbed in the night
hurt alone, shit city

Hopeless heart, wandering soul
my decisions always take their tolls
am I alone in this city?

Build back up and start from new
no matter what I’ve been through
hold my hand in this city

Savory meat, soft wine
suddenly I’m racing time
found family in this city

Now I follow as my path bends
learning things and making friends
never alone in this city

I dance under the open sky
and wonder how the weeks went by
with all of us in this city

With time still left for making plans
and desires to drift to distant lands
alone I’ll depart from this city

I want to stay, but have to leave
I need to find the rest of me
that can’t be found in this city

Live slow, laugh fast
happiness is found at last
somewhere deep in this city

Córdoba, Argentina — 11th April 2014