CBD Oil: Expensive Snake Oil or Modern Miracle

Lately, I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of CBD Oil. People claim that it resolves so many different health problems, that it sounds too good to be true. But, the more positive reviews I read and the more I learn about its composition and how it works — the more curious I get and the more I lean toward believing the hype.
Therefore, I’ll do my own experiment and find out for myself if CBD oil really works. Of course, this will be a totally subjective test with no objective scientific analysis. It’s just me using my own powers of perception & self-observation to see how I feel in relation to certain chronic issues I hope to resolve with CBD oil. After all, this is what all the reviewers & regular CBD oil users do to know if CBD oil really works…which leads me to these questions…

How much of the benefits of CBD oil depend on the placebo effect?

If one spends a lot of money on CBD oil, and really wants it to work to get rid of a certain condition — how much of its effectiveness comes from truly believing that CBD oil works?

Does it even matter? If a person has struggled with a certain condition for a long time, and uses CBD oil to get rid of chronic pain, for example, isn’t it enough to just be satisfied with the realization of the desired objective (without proving scientifically why CBD oil works)?

CBD Oil — Placebo Effect or Real Medicine

Many of the conditions that CBD oil treats fall into the realm of psychosomatic illnesses — they could be totally physical, or they could be physical pain manifesting because of psychological imbalance. It’s very difficult to know for sure which it is.
Some of the conditions I hope to resolve with CBD oil fall into this realm. For instance, I’ve tried surgery & strong antibiotics to cure chronic sinusitis, but it always comes back every 2–3 months.

I think everyone’s experience with CBD oil will be a bit different. Because it’s a very subjective experience, it’s hard to know if what works for me will work the same for someone else. That being said, the following is what I hope to gain from taking CBD oil and how I’ll conduct an experiment on myself.

Here are the problems I hope to resolve with CBD oil:

  1. Chronic Sinusitis:
    My questions are, “Will the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil un-inflame the sinus tissues that swell, reduce proper flow, and cause recurring infections?”
    Will I be able to prevent recurring sinus infections, and stop taking antibiotics every 2–3 months?

2. Jet Lag:
The first time I try CBD oil, I’ll be returning from a flight from Thailand. I’ll be in the air or in airports nearly 30 hours straight. I hope using CBD oil as soon as I get home relieves jet lag and restores balance, as well as reducing edema in swollen ankles & knees from sitting so long.

3. Post workout soreness:
I want to see how taking 20 mg of CBD oil before exercise works to make recovery pain free. I’m 46 years old, and lift weights & run every other day. I’m flexible, and in good shape. As I get older, my joints sometimes ache after lifting. Can CBD oil eliminate my post-workout soreness?

4. Chondromalacia of my right knee:
This is a knee condition whose pain comes and goes. There is always a little discomfort. I’m hoping the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD eliminate knee pain.

5. Shoulder pain:
Similar to knee pain, it’s from an old injury and the pain comes & goes. There is always a little discomfort in certain movements. I want to see if CBD oil gets rid of shoulder pain.

6. Various other joint pains:
Just like knee & shoulder pain, other joints get inflamed from time to time. Can CBD oil relieve common, chronic joint pains?

7. Adult ADHD:
I’ve heard some fascinating explanations about how CBD oil treats ADD/ADHD. I don’t believe I really suffer from it in a clinical, verifiable way. But, as someone who works almost 100% online, I do suffer from a lack of focus. There are so many distractions, my own thoughts included. Can CBD oil slow my train of thought, stop competing thoughts, and help me focus on one task at a time?

8. Anxiety:
As a salesperson, there is often that underpinning of anxiety before reaching out to ask someone who doesn’t know me to trust me and do business with me. Whether it’s from fear of failure, futility, or rejection that’s the cause — I want to know if taking CBD oil can get rid of anxiety, and help me remain unattached to a certain future.

9. Depression:
I’ve read a lot of impressive case studies about how taking CBD oil helps depression. I don’t believe I’m clinically depressed, but I do get depressed when things do not go my way, and life & business don’t turn out how I want for extended periods of time. Can taking CBD oil help me avoid episodes of depression?

10. Constipation:
I haven’t read anything about how CBD oil helps relieve constipation. But, I hope it does. If it is indeed the panacea people claim it to be, and it works so well to maintain homeostasis in the body, I want to see if regulating bowel movements is an unexpected benefit of treating the system in a holistic way with CBD oil.

My 90-day CBD Oil Experiment

I will take 20 mg of CBD oil every day for 90 days. I’ll document what I feel & experience in daily blog posts that describe my perceptions, observations, and experiences. 
My intention is that I’ll help people who suffer from similar conditions to know if CBD oil might work for them too (or not work so they don’t waste money). I also want to record what I’m experiencing to see if CBD oil is truly worth the high price tag, and to have a diary for myself to make my totally subjective perceptions a bit more analytical & measurable.

I’ve researched the leading brands at https://intellicbd.com, and decided on CBDPure because they stand by their product with a 90-day, 100% money back guarantee. Within 90 days of this self-experiment with CBD oil, I’ll know if it works or not and does what I want it to do. If it doesn’t, I can send it back for a refund. 
So, there is really no risk to me. CBD oil is expensive, but CBDPure is priced competitively with other brands. And, if it works, it’s priceless.
CBDPure is also 100% organic, Colorado grown, and quality tested. CBDPure is full spectrum CBD oil, which means that you get all the benefits from all the compounds in the entire hemp plant that work together to provide what’s known as the entourage effect. In addition, it’s CO2 extracted, meaning that it’s processed in the healthiest way possible.

I’ll post my daily articles on Medium so people can have a record of what it’s really like to take CBD oil, if CBD truly works, and if it’s worth the money. So, stay tuned if you suffer from any of the above ailments, and want to know if CBD oil will solve your problems.

CBD really works! No, it’s just snake oil. I intend to find out for myself with my 90-day CBD oil experiment.