How To Find New Music With Spotify

Discover Tons Of Funky Music From Around The World…

Have you ever wanted to listen to something different, but just didn’t know what to choose, or where to look? 
You go to your Spotify account and see that the playlists they push you on the homepage are mainstream crap that sucks. Not what you want!
You know you love Funk, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Afro-Latin Funk, Brazilian music, Afro-Beat, all the tropical funk flavors, as well as the amazing modern music out there nowadays that beautifully blends these genres.
You just don’t have time to dig through the digital crates to find it all, though. 
Spotify, the preferred music discovery vehicle of music junkies worldwide, is awesome because it has almost all the best music ever recorded for a low monthly price. But, it’s kind of like drinking from a fire hose.
Streaming music is no excuse for vinyl, of course. Spotify, however, is the best way to get turned on to all kinds of funky music from around the world…then decide which records you want to buy.
Simple Search Technique For Uncovering Funky Music From Around The World…
The best way to discover the funky music from around the world that you love, without being too overwhelmed, is to search by record label in Spotify. Type into the search box label:Ubiquity to start. They have a ton of funky, genre bending artists & albums to check out. 
Other great searches are label:Soundway, label:Strut, label:Six Degrees, label:Nacional, label:Tru Thoughts, label:Mr Bongo, label:Daptone, label:Alligator, label:Glitterbeat. For Reggae — label:greensleeves, label:VP; Jazz — label:bluenote, African — label:sterns, Salsa — label:fania.
Then, find the compilation albums that appeal to you. Listen to some tunes, click on the artist of your favorite tracks to see what else they’ve done. Once you’re in their artist page, look to the right where they recommend similar artists. 
You can follow these tangents for a long time. The choices, however, overwhelm you. Even though it feels great to go down a Spotify rabbit hole, and discover a ton of dope music, you look up at the clock and four hours have past.

This is also perfect for musically adventurous DJs that want to dig deep to find unique music that people will dance to, even if they’ve never heard of the song. Then, you can buy the vinyl or MP3 of the ones you know will impress people.
Wouldn’t it be great to have someone find you the music that you love, make you playlists, and just send them to you?

How To Get Tons Of Funky Music From Around The World…

It is possible to get tons of funky new music to listen to, and not spend time searching on Spotify, organizing the perfect playlists. 
And, you’d always know that it will be music you’ve never heard of (but will surely love), or an old favorite presented in a different way. 
It’s just like when you felt the excitement of getting a bunch of new CDs in the mail, or at the local record store. But, without the giant price tag.
Thanks to Spotify, you have access to almost all the music you could ever want for just a few dollars a month.

And yet…how will you make time to dig through the digital crates to discover the musical gems hidden across genres & eras, as well as the new cutting edge music?
I’ll dig it up & organize it so you don’t have to. Let me be your musical discovery service…
I’m Joe Gatto, life-long music fanatic, searcher, & traveler. I love digging deep to find the funkiest music, from a variety of genres around the world.
These days, I’m traveling around the world and operating Funkish.Audio. I created this outlet to share the music I love, and am constantly discovering, with other like minded individuals.
I’ve always kept my passion burning for musical discovery. Whether old or new, from Brazil to Brooklyn & across the globe, there is a rich world of music culture to explore. It’s music rooted in the African diaspora — groovy, funky, percussive, syncopated, soulful sounds, made with heart — joyful music that resonates with your soul. This isn’t about me, though…it’s about the funk.
How you define & categorize the music isn’t important — it’s that you get to hear it & enjoy it — that you feel it. It’s all out there for us to experience. Now it’s just a matter of discovering it, organizing it, and ideally sharing & enjoying it with other cool people.
I compile & curate an eclectic, funkish mix of musical genres & cultures — 
~ Funk
~ Soul
~ Jazz
~ Reggae, Dub
~ Afro-Beat, Afro-Funk, & more
~ Underground Latin Music & Salsa
~ Modern Brazilian Music & Samba 
…and that which is beyond categories.

If you love this kind of music, and have funky, worldly, adventurous tastes…
I know you’re gonna dig this! 
I help time-strapped lovers of funky, eclectic music find awesome new tunes to listen to. I’ll make you two astounding, new Spotify playlists and email them to you each week.
Even if you thought you’ve heard it all, I’ll find you marvelous music that will blow your mind & satisfy your soul. No more time wasted digging through the digital crates, and perfecting playlists. I do it for you…
Sign up for Funkish now. Just click here to check out the blog, then sign up for free curated Spotify playlists. Enjoy done-for-you Spotify playlists delivered to your inbox twice a week (as well as other bonuses). 
I’ll be your guide throughout the wide world of funky music. You’ll save time searching, and just enjoy the journey.
Start discovering funky music from around the world now…
The funk will set you free…

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