The eternal thirst.

The cause of ‘dukha’ or suffering.

To be free from desire is liberation. Desirelesness is a state of mind. It is a consequence of non duality, where the observer, the object and the act of observation merge into one-thing.
It all begins with practice.
It is not the lack of desire, but the wilful restraint.
That is how it works, through self control and discipline.

Desire can truly be haunting.

We have all been at a point where we were overwhelmed by the beauty of certain things such as a beautiful sunset, that leaves your heart filled with joy, tears! The same happens when we are engrossed in art, or music.

Admiration leads to pleasure, and is soon followed by a desire to posses. At this point all pleasure disappears as you are now focused on your lack of it, because you identify the beauty as something external to your Self.
Suffering starts at this point. Being content with what we have is the only way to find peace.

Only one object can occupy our minds at any given instant, so when desire sets in, it soon replaces the happiness you just experienced. Now, only upon satisfying the desire, can we re-experience the same happiness which we felt before hand, before the advent of desire.

Desire is locking up of what is already present.

When we are lost in beauty, our minds become silent, because you are absorbing/observing the beauty.
This silence of mind makes the eternal happiness inside apparent to us.
The beauty only serves as a distraction for the monkey mind. So as long as the monkey is amused, it is silent and we get to experience the ever present happiness.
However mind thinks it is the beauty that brought happiness and starts scheming to possess the beauty somehow, as source of unlimited happiness. However when we do possess it, after a while the monkey is bored and starts chattering once again, breaking the silence. Then we go after something else that distracts the monkey. As this keeps happening, stuff piles up. Then you have to dispose of the ones that no longer bring happiness.
We are only pampering the monkey.

The awakened monkey.

The greater the indulgence, greater the craving!
The monkey has become a spoilt brat due to our pampering.
As we apply self restraint, which is discipline, then the monkey is trained to become more and more silent, to the point it’s presence no longer affects you.

It’s a cycle in which the world is lost. One desire after the other, relentless chase. No different from an addiction.

Lots of Love, Light and Peace!