Kanchanaburi, Thailand: Kicked Out

We are on our merry way to Kanchanaburi, Thailand! Our two person party has become a threesome, with the addition of our new Russian friend, Cat. After an hour into our country adventure; the aggressive braking and constant horn-beeping of our driver, I become numb and drift off to sleep.

I awake to shouting. I don’t understand the rapid Thai, but this guy yelling has some spitfire game. Oh shit, he is yelling at us. I pull up my pink blindfold and see my friend, Kim, staring in horror as the man collecting tickets on our bus ride is refusing the tickets we bought earlier that day. He is really mad. Problem solver here, I pull out my ticket and show him the bus number and the destination, which are the same to what is printed on the side of the bus. 3 seconds of silence go by, then the shouting continues. He furiously finger jabs to a scribble on the ticket and gestures for us to pay.

I screen our audience and nervously shout out, “Does anyone speak English?” No answer. I just got sympathetic looks from the other passengers. Most of them avoiding my gaze, and keeping their head down. I should have known, Thai people do not do well with confrontation and will not stand up for you, similar to other Asian cultures. Our new friend was an exception.

The driver, sick of our farang antics, pulls the bus to the side of the road, opens the door, and demands we get out. In the middle of nowhere! Our Russian friend indignantly refuses to leave. Feeling threatened, I am thinking what my odds are at winning a fight with this guy. Ugh, he definitely knows, muy thai. Kim, the sensible one, obliges before things escalate even further, and we do the walk of shame off the bus.

(Here are some, Thai swear words ,in case you find yourself in a similar situation.)

Kicked out, on the side of the road. Three lost little ladies, in the middle of nowhere. A horror story. This is what my parents foreshadowed when I announced I was going to Thailand for a month.

What comes barreling down the road? A white, raper van … I mean Savior Van, with a sign for, Kanchanaburi! Waving the van down, the driver slams on his brakes and pulls over. He greets us by name, in English! Apparently word was out, three lost little ladies going to Kanchaburi, had just bought 1st class tickets and boarded the wrong bus! We live to see another day!

Lesson of this story: Sometimes it pays to pay more, or I don’t think they would have stopped!

CAUTION: If you are allergic to domestic house cats, you are probably allergic to these little guys as well. Around 15 minutes after this photo was taken, I swelled up like a balloon!

Cheers to the Adventure!

Our Bungalow in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Photo by: Kimbo
Beware of Monkeys! They aren’t that cute and will steal your shit! Photo by: Kimbo
Jeath War Museum History
Safari Park, where you pay to get attacked by an ostrich and nibbled by giraffes!
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