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How I turned a failure and period of depression into a title: I’m not a Doctor, but I still have a voice and things to share.

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A post exploring my favourite form of writing, albeit one of the smallest and least commercially profitable.

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A post exploring why libraries have been so important to me throughout my life. Inspired by it being libraries week here in the UK.

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A look at a real life example of an author who was so demoralised from negative feedback, they gave up writing altogether.

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Exploring a common cause of writer’s block: When you simply have too many creative ideas and you don’t know which thread to follow.

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A chapter from my Medium book exploring writing walls and writer’s block. This one explores the idea of writing a different part of your novel to get over the part you are stuck on.

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Exploring Writer’s Block through the common writing wall of struggling to continue writing once you’ve come to the end of your world building and character creation.

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A case study of a stuck writer and how I helped them get over their writing wall and finish their book.

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How we can stop feeling like a fraud just wearing a costume, and realise we are in fact writers and creators!

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I’m an Indie writer & editor. Non-Doc is a chosen title after not completing my PhD, but being proud of what I learned. I am here to share and to keep learning.

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