A picture to compare sizes of members of Digital Nomad Facebook Group

(Before starting article, Sorry for my low english level and loss of data visualizaion. I would like to improve both skill. hope to read this article as a just record of practice to make valuable data result. )

After making ranking of Digital Nomads city recommendation, My interest moved to community of Digital Nomads.

Because I thought Networking in Community is important part of Nomads.

So I tried to compare number of members of Digital Nomads community.

this work was very simple and imperfect data and picture. because there are many loss of community that I couldn’t search in Facebook.

Wish to read this article lightly. :)

  1. I searched Facebook group with 2 keywords “city name” and “nomad”
  2. And gathered numbers of group members.
  3. And tried to make a bubble chart with function in Excel.
  4. if there were more 2 groups in same keywords, I gathered only 2 group’s number as descending order.
  5. Number of Community members doesn’t means the community’s value. so it should be regarded as one aspect of the community.
  6. There would be lots of un-searched community. Because I only searched in Facebook.
  7. I would like to update this data and modify picture when I get more community data if I can.
  8. I located the bubbles with each citiy’s longitude and latitude. But modified the longitude and latitude numbers to make picture looked better.

Here is data below

And following is Picture to make this data visualized. Sorry for poor my skill :)

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