Reasons Why League of Legends Won’t go away from me.

For those of you who know me, they know that I play a lot of League of Legends(LoL). My friends and I have played daily ever since the second season (2012) of it came out. Although there have been breaks from it, I never really quit playing this game that I love. Other games I’ve played usually have a breaking point or burnout when playing them, but when I play this game it’s somehow always new. So here are some reasons why I love this game and why it will never go away for me:


Every night there is usually a group call through Discord or Skype. In these certain times we enter such a playful environment where everything we talk about; the game itself or random events, becomes joyful, stupid and funny. To helping one of my friends get his first “Pentakill” to denying his next one. To winning a game under 15 minutes to absolutely getting smashed the next. From playing troll games like “all support” team and unexpectedly winning. This game has created many bonding moments for my friends and I. Those very moments only helps us strengthen our friendships even more.

The Game Changes:

Every month or so there is a patch that makes slight changes to the game in order to keep it balanced. And every year there are major changes to bring new ways of playing the game. For competitors this is fun, but it can also be a hassle to adapt to. But for an everyday LoL player like me, this is just fun. These changes give me an opportunity to discover things about the game that no one else has figured out yet. It also gives opportunities for different types of players to rise up to their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

The Pro Scene:

Playing LoL for a long time you start to here about the League Championship Series (LCS) a lot. I picked up on it ever since I started playing and watching the pro scene is such delight. It carries many similarities from traditional sports with it’s fandom, favorite players, player drama, and teams. The most exciting thing about the pro scene is none other than the plays. There are so many plays where a lot of emotion was involved from both players and fans. Many great plays happen every season, memorable 1v1’s and play’s like this. Even if you don’t play much LoL the pro scene is a great thing to follow for nerds who don’t have a sports team to follow.

That is the main reasons why LoL won’t really go away for me but I have plenty more. League to me is one of those hobbies, maybe passions, that will remain in my life. People have basketball, Football, The Ellen Show, Big Brother and etc. For me I have this fun game I play called “League of Legends”.