What Should UC Do With The Miami Game?
Spencer Tuckerman

Miami not only has had a winning season since 2005, they actually have won the whole MAC since then (2010), when they went 10–4. I’ve always found it amusing that the worst UC team of the past decade smashed the best team that Miami has had over the same span by a score of 45–3. They also won the MAC East in 2007. Side note: they rather hilariously missed out on a bowl that year because of their loss in the MAC Championship game, which dropped them to 6–7. The precedent for allowing a divisional champion with a losing record to be bowl eligible hadn’t been set yet.

That nerd-ery out of the way this is an excellent summary of a topic that I’ve thought about a lot over the past few years. Call me an idealist, but I think that the narrow, regional tradition of college football is one of the coolest aspects of the whole sport. Therefore, as you can probably infer, I’m a staunch supporter of leaving the rivalry alone. Hopefully Miami’s pendulum swings back (although I’ll never hope that they win another game…seriously, screw J. Crew U), but even if it doesn’t it can serve one of UC’s cupcake games. Two cupcake games per year is very reasonable. The rivalry makes one of them more interesting; UC v Miami will always be better than Ohio State v Tulsa or whomever OSU pays to get slaughtered in Columbus outside of their annual intrastate game.

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