The Anti-PC Revolt and the Milo Problem
Cathy Young

As an anti-SJW left-libertarian, this has all been fascinating to witness. I’ve been tolerating some of the right for a while, but they’re eating themselves alive as well. They have nothing solid to rally around other than what they hate, as opposed to the currently-sleeping religious right. The virtue-signaling about how they’re the truly pro-gay and pro-women ones unlike those brown people is tiring too.

Milo, like Trump, says things that are technically true, but in a vulgar way. The factual “birth control pills can cause weight gain and mood fluctuations” becomes “birth control makes women unattractive and crazy”. Trump’s “build a wall” is no different in substance from every other president’s “we need to secure the borders”. (As an anarchist, I’ve been scratching my head at how the ‘left’ seems to think we’d been living in a borderless world all along until Nov 9.)

I do think parts of such a strategy can work though. Men’s rights made infinitely far more headway in a few years with articles like “Bash a Violent Bitch” than people like Warren Farrell did in decades. But the difference between that and Milo, is that the MRM has never wanted to deliberately remove the stigma associated with the word ‘misogynist’. It’s easier to let feminists overuse the term to the point where people won’t take it seriously. So I agree with you that Milo’s argument about deliberately removing the stigma against ‘racist’ is stupid and self-defeating. Let SJWs overuse it and diminish their credibility themselves with the general public.

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