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What is the Study About?

The study is about Clinical Depression. Several people throughout the world face this mental illness of depression. However, most of those people think that the cure of The Clinical Depression is by usual practice from their primary care providers, which means seeking help from pharmacologic therapy and several other forms of treatment. This paper talks about the benefits of exercises and how exercising can also act as a cure for Clinical Depression.

What is the main finding?

The main conclusion of the research paper is that exercising provides several benefits to the patients diagnosed with Clinical Depression. Because exercise creates in an individual self-awareness regarding the shape and the health of the body, which are proven to be useful in fighting several other mental illnesses as well, as the person puts more attention to the wellbeing, and focuses on several aspects regarding, that the mental illness starts to get better and better.

Who Conducted the Study?

The study was carried out by Dr. Lynette L. Craft, Ph.D., Dr. Frank M. Perna, and by Dr. Ed.D., Ph.D. The research was published in the Journal of Primary Care Companion.

Why should someone in the UAE care about the study?

Because of the commonness of the mental illness, that is mentioned in this research. Any person either of the UAE or outside can be the target of Clinical Depression, and hence people need to be aware of how the clinical depression can be cured and what is the best way to do it.

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Trapped By Depression

by Noora Al Khoori, October 10th, 2016
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Depression is a mean element. Exactly when you think you are doing alright, getting over the gigantic mountain of problems that appear to be an obstacle every step of the way, it raises its terrible head and takes your happiness and debilitates those adapting abilities you’ve made a decent attempt to create. It makes the separation, makes you feel isolated and lonely and the sentiment most ultimate fate and fear (Kay, 2016).

People who are identified by the symptoms of Clinical Depression, are aware and know what their condition is, but yet they cannot change or improve the situation. Many people wait for it to pass, and in the meantime, get more and more trapped, losing emotions and joy. People assume that depression is just a phase or it can be cured by things like medicines and professional therapy.

When in reality fighting depression is the case for survival. The individual has to fight it consistently and by every means possible from within. Willpower and the desire to change are what helps the situation. Activities like jogging, exercising, or any physical activities allow the mind to be distracted by other things, allowing the individual some breathing space from the trap of depression. Only by distracting oneself through various interactive activities can one climb out of the shackles of Depression (Lynette L. Craft, 2004).

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