A Letter to Angel Investors

European and global metropolises from London and Berlin to San Francisco and Copenhagen are increasingly constructing a cycling culture and infrastructure. Trends show that, in the next few years, bicycles will overtake cars when it comes to mass means of transport. Although electric cars have gained media attention, the real electrical revolution in urban transport is happening in the bicycle industry. Here and now.

Noordung One World Premiere — Aston Martin St. Gallen / Photo: Aleksander Praper

We created the Noordung company because we believe that the essence of urban transportation is not just about moving from one point to the other, but about enjoying the journey. Noordung is a company that solves the issues of urban cycling with a commitment to excellence of designing the user experience and service design. We have created an innovative solution that connects cycling with music and sound.

Our main product is a unique, ultra-light, smart urban electric bicycle of the best quality featuring a multifunctional Boombox that creates an entirely new experience of urban cycling that has never been seen before.

Noordung One / Photo: Luka Leskovšek

We at Noordung want to raise €220,000 over the course of next 3 months in order to fund all the necessary activities to successfully enter the market. The key people from the team have put in €20,000 of fresh equity in the company (in addition to 3,600 man-hours), while we want to raise additional €200,000 through angel investors.

We firmly believe that a key part of Noordung’s success in the future depends on a fit and proper ownership structure. We are not looking for investors who want to discuss exit strategies immediately. We are looking for business partners who are cycling enthusiasts. Those people who sincerely do enjoy the journey. We are looking for investors who will be our first users, ambassadors, mentors and friends. Our desire is to create a big family of people who believe in the beauty of cycling and the wonderful journey through life. It goes without saying that we will push very hard to achieve business success. We want to create a profitable lifestyle bicycle company with a purpose for all its stakeholders.

We have put aside 20 percent of Noordung’s shares for our angel investors based on a company valuation of €1,000,000, which is double the planned EBIDTA in 2020. You have the option to invest from one to several percent, with the total sum of angel investors’ equity not exceeding 20 percent.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to invest in Noordung and open up a future for the best and most beautiful urban bicycle in the world.

Gregor Fras, Founder & CEO