Lying is a like gateway drug…

It starts off with a little fib

Growing into something more complex,

Some call it a ‘white lie’

While others are becoming socially dependent,

It seems like an opportunity…

For some of these ‘educated’ individuals,

But rather it is bringing them down

With the rest of Humanity,

Going against the very morals of life

The thing which makes us Human,

Every moment we approach our unavoidable end…

Coming to the Realization of the fact

That this life is only temporary,

Lying made it seem like it would never come to its end

but in fact it only made its way more hastily

than one could expect

We are drowning ourselves…

With each step we take

We linger in deeper waters

Being capable of only treading for so long.

The harm which we have induced

By lying to not only ourselves,

But to each and every person

Who surrounds us,

Only to realize our errors

When it is ultimately too late.

We have drowned,

And brought humanity down with us

Into our graves,

Which lies deep below the sea

Just like the vast oceans

Which remain hidden

To us even today.

So Help Us God!

Unfortunately, a social ill has transformed into a social norm.

We have come to live in world where lying is supported by scientific studies, and proves how it is beneficial to one individual in furthering themselves in the capitalist society in which we reside. A sin which only leads to more sins, it is the deadliest of them all and that is : Lying\Cheating. It has many names, to explain the one and only sin capable of causing calamities. It not only harms the person who is lying, but also those who hear the lies and become victims themselves.

Tragedy, an utmost true loss we have come to today, a time in which no one sees the ill in this major sin. Where people choose to sin in order to gain worldly benefits which won’t do them much good for long.

-Noorulabdeen Ahmad

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