a big list of bot-making resources

I’ve been talking about how easy it is to get started making bots for a while now, but I haven’t done a long-form writeup of all of the tools that I use that you might find useful. So here we go: a list of resources that I use for making Twitter bots.

Tracery Basics

Non-Tracery Tools

Word Lists

List inspiration

  • The Noun Project I never use any of the Noun Project stuff directly, but they have a lot of lists of icons of various objects put in useful categories, which can be good for when you need to think about, say, common appliances, but it’s hard to name them all off the top of your head
  • Spellzone word lists These are for learning English, but can also be useful for when you need a bunch of words for certain things, like buildings, appliances, household objects, etc; I usually just keep a notepad tab open and write down a handful that will work for what I’m doing
  • Wordnik I often will pick a fun sounding word, look at what lists people put it on, and then look at those lists for more word inspiration

Text/List Editing Tools


Miscellaneous Guides

Further Reading

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