Chiropractic and Sports

The majority of athletes, whether they are in high school, on the way to the olympics, or in the NFL utilize chiropractic care in order to improve their performance, prevent injuries, and enjoy many other benefits. Chiropractors keep our olympics teams well adjusted as well the following professional athletes: Emmitt Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Montana, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, and many more.

Emmitt Smith was quoted by saying the following about chiropractic, “I definitely try to get on a basis where I use chiropractic at least twice a week. I would definitely say that it helps me perform at a higher level.”

For those of you from Wisconsin may already know that Aaron Rodgers grew up with a chiropractor. His dad is a chiropractor and still adjusts Aaron before and after each game.

Jerry Rice also goes to a chiropractor regularly and said the following about chiropractic care, “I did a lot of things to stay in the game but regular visits to my chiropractor were among the most important.”

Whether you are a professional athlete, just learning a new sport, enjoy watching sports or have a regular fitness routine incorporating chiropractic care into your routine help you perform better, and keep your body functioning more efficiently.

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