Weird facts about your body

— Your spinal cord is not as long as your spine. It actually ends around L1, just below your rib cage.

— Fresh pee is cleaner than spit and your hands immediately after you wash them.

— Pee is 95% water and 5% used cells.

— Only 10% of your nervous system is for pain. The other 90% controls every other function in your body (muscles, organs, etc)

— Your brain receives 3000,000,000,000 bits of information per second! But only 50 of those actually get to the conscious brain.

— If you threw a live brain across a room, it would fall apart because it is so soft and squishy.

— Pus is a combination of phagocytes, dead cells, and bad bacteria. Phagocytes are the cells that go around and eat up dead cells and bad bacteria. After the phagocytes die, you get pus.

— Usually human hair will not grow longer than 3 feet, although there have been exceptions to this.

— Almost every mammal (excpet 4) have 7 bones in their neck, that includes giraffe and mice.

— You sneeze at about 100 mph and cough at 60 mph.

— Babies are born with 300 bones but adults only have 206 due to fusion.

— The fastest growing finger nail is on your middle finger.

— Your ears secrete more ear wax when you’re afraid.

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