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Combinostics’ software providers in early diagnosis and improved management of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

NordicNinja’s first healthtech investment

HELSINKI, Finland (November 21st, 2019) Today NordicNinja VC, has made a series A investment in Combinostics, a Finnish healthtech company developing the software platform for early-stage Alzheimer’s diagnosis, together with Industrifonden and existing shareholders. This is the first healthtech investment by NordicNinja VC.


Combinostics was founded in 2014 in Tampere, Finland. Combinostics’ mission is to support healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases with the overall goal to improve patient quality of life in later years. Our cNeuro platform combines imaging data with clinical data and provides an intuitive and holistic view of patient data that highlights important relationships early on and supports early diagnosis. Our users include radiology and neurology departments in the EU, US, Japan, and South Korea. …


NordicNinja VC

A new Nordic&Baltic focused €101M fund with a Japanese twist. We love tech & scale-up goals, and actively link Nordic&Baltic startups to Japanese/Asian market.

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