The Nordic.AI Health AI Summit was held on September 13th at the beautiful Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen, Denmark. The summit gathered the region’s best thought leaders, technologists, researchers, and practitioners to discuss some of the biggest questions in modern health. Our mission for the day was to help empower modern, technology-enabled healthcare to better serve our needs as a global community.

Irakli Beridze, the Head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at the United Nations, opened the day with a talk about how AI is being used to solve societal problems. He noted that while we are richer, smarter, and more connected than ever, AI marks a true paradigm shift, and has only recently been embraced by the UN. In fact, AI was only first discussed at the UN general assembly in 2015, and acknowledged as a “game changer” only last year.

A prototype of an industrial smart robot at IIIM

Notes from Nordic.AI at the Reykjavik AI Festival

The last 5 years have seen interest in artificial intelligence and related technologies grow beyond specialist groups, entering the consciousness and daily lives of the general public via the media, as well as its application in products offered by Facebook, Apple, Tesla, and Google. With so many interested in the potential of AI, can these new technologies deliver the benefits many have predicted?

This year, Nordic.AI joined up with the Reykjavik AI Festival, where these questions were addressed with authority, and worked to create new opportunities for collaboration and forge new ties…

The second Nordic.AI Summit was held on September 28th at Oslo Innovation Week. Once again, showcased the Nordic approach to harnessing new technology and worked to create a community for knowledge sharing among AI and ML pioneers.

Set in Salt, a mobile art exhibit (and sometimes sauna-disco), we explored more of what we need to drive the AI ecosystem going forward in the Nordics. After all, this region has a lot to offer, and a vibrant AI community can help lead the way into the future. We’ve tracked over 200 AI startup companies in the region, which you can see…

From music recommendations and mobile checkouts to emergency calls and the future of society, the inaugural Nordic.AI conference was a dazzling snapshot into the the freshest research, technology, thinking and debates around how artificial intelligence, can and will impact our lives, work and play.

The inaugural event at Vega in Copenhagen on March 7th showcased many of the region’s most exciting startups and companies working in this field, exploring where we’re at, where we’re going and what still needs to happen to drive the movement forward in the Nordics.

Couldn’t make it down? Here’s what you missed.

Words by Sarah…

As many who visit the Nordics tend to experience, our small region can seem quite uninviting and maybe even a bit rigid.

Although our region holds tremendous amounts of natural beauty, the weather can be hostile, the people can seem quite introverted, and the culture can be a bit unsociable (until you start drinking with us). This inward looking culture is one reason the Nordics are often overlooked on a global scale. So how will this small region of only 20 million people survive and thrive an ever-changing world, where competition never has been so fierce?

As we were sitting…


Nordic.AI is a community-initiated nonprofit that promotes regional and international recognition of the Nordic artificial intelligence ecosystem.

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