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Never be late again!

Let’s get real. Most of us wake up because we have jobs to get to and have the same commute every day. Allowing for monster traffic delays dictates the time we get up and we leave our houses. In 2014 the traffic jams in the US only resulted in 6.9 billion hours of delayed person-hours.

It may come as a surprise but commuting is closely aligned with health. Research shows us that sitting behind the wheel of a car for a long time leads to higher blood sugar, cholesterol and one of the most negative outcome: risk of depression. And not only sitting behind the wheel leads to risk of depression but also having the idea you are running late, once again.

Snorelax home screen 1.

Meet Snorelax

I wanted to create an app that solves the problems we stated above. Because those are the problems I experienced myself. So, I created Snorelax.

Snorelax is a beautiful alarm app that eases your commute & helps you to always arrive on time by analyzing traffic on your route - waking you up earlier when there is a traffic jam on your route. It also provides you with the latest traffic information about your route.

Wake up screen.

As a commuter myself I know that commuters have the need to know what the route is like at anytime. So I developed a route screen that gives you instant insights on your favorite route.

Favorite route.

So, how does it work?

When adding your alarm just tell Snorelax what time you want to arrive and how long you need to prepare your self before leaving! Based on this information Snorelax uses historical data based on the driving experience of millions of users to calculate the wake up time for your route. When you are preparing your self Snorelax analyzes real-time traffic to decide wether you should leave earlier or not. This way Snorelax helps you zip into the office more reliably.


At Snorelax we always keep moving, sometimes we are stopped by a traffic jam but we always try to move step by step.

The following features are my main goals to realize after the release of the first version:

  • Calendar integration: Integrate your calendar with Snorelax
  • Transit integration: Never miss the bus, train or metro again!

Launch details

Release date — 8 July 2016
Price — $1.99
iTunes Link —
Website —

Snorelax Media Kit — Photos, Video

Snorelax Promo video

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Lifestyle Images

Snooze screen
Weather screen

App Store screenshots

Home screen
Alarms screen.
Favorite Route screen.
Traffic screen.
Settings screen.

App Icon

Snorelax Logo

Snorelax .PNG logo

App Description

Snorelax is beautiful alarm app to help commuters always arrive on time on their destination by analyzing realtime/historical traffic on their routes and wake them up earlier in case of a delay.

We also provide you the latest traffic information about your route and how long you have left to prepare your self.


  • Snorelax mode — We analyze realtime/historical traffic on your route and wake you up earlier when there are any delays. Want to use Snorelax as a regular alarm? just turn off “Snorelax Mode” when adding an alarm.
  • Traffic information — Traffic changes constantly, with Snorelax you can search for realtime traffic information to avoid traffic jams.
  • Personalization — Change your weather and traffic preferences and add your favorite route to have instant access to realtime insight on your route.
  • Weather — We know the weather plays an important role for commuters, so we added the weather and a four-day forecast.
  • Alarms — Add easily multiple alarms for every route you take!
  • Backgrounds — Snorelax contains stunning wallpapers that change according to the time of the day and season.

Additional Information

At the moment Snorelax comes only in English. Don’t be sad, we are working hard to localize Snorelax.

Supported regions for traffic.
Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, Part of Asia, Australia, Russia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, UAE

Supported countries for weather.
All country’s worldwide.