The Power in Your Story as a Leader

Paulo Coelho, author of best-selling book The Alchemist, recounts how his parents thought his dream of becoming a writer was so crazy they committed him to a mental institution. Lost in drugs, sex and rock n’ roll in his early life, Paulo Coelho went on to turn his life around and rediscover his passion to write and become a recognised published author.

Some of his initial writings failed to make impact in the literary world as he struggled to establish himself. His book, The Alchemist, bombed so badly in the first year his publishers returned the contract convinced it would never sell.

Now a globally recognised and critically acclaimed writer, Paulo Coelho has reached the astronomical mark of OVER 100 million sold books and the achievement of being the most translated living author in the whole planet. How’s that for thought leadership?

Ironically, the very book which had failed so miserably in the beginning, The Alchemist (a story about following your dreams), is considered one of the most important literary phenomena of the 20th century. It has been translated into over 55 languages and has sold more than 65 million copies in more than 150 countries. Needless to say, it is considered one of the best selling books in history. His personal story as well as his writings have become an inspiration to writers and book lovers the world over.

What’s Your Story?

As leaders and entrepreneurs, life has no doubt given each of us experiences we will live with for the rest of our lives. Some of those experiences carry lessons that have the potential to transform lives, organisations and nations depending on how we choose to use or share them.

Noreen Makosewe speaking to business women in Harare, Zimbabwe

Sharing our stories with frankness takes boldness and courage that can sometimes only be mustered by actually taking the bold step into the unknown and sharing our failures, challenges, struggles and victories over seemingly insurmountable odds. Often, it is in that openness — or “realness”- when we give to others in this way that we are rewarded with more opportunities, financial rewards or peace of mind.

Whether at a speaking engagement, in a book, an article, a video or an informational product…

Your story has the potential to captivate, elevate and transform whilst positioning you as a thought leader in your chosen area of expertise.

Would you dare boldly to tell it?


About the Author: Noreen Makosewe is an international Strategy Advisor, Leadership Expert, Enhancing Human Capital Specialist and Keynote Speaker. She is also the founder of The Radical Leap Company — a consultancy that specialises in leadership development and employee engagement solutions to help SMEs and corporates increase their 3Ps — Performance, Productivity and Profits. 
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