Deconstructing the Tai Lopez scam
Tyler Cubell

I know him personally and this is no scam, leasing is SMART if you buy car/house and a problem arises the problem is YOURS plus leases are tax deductible (he OWNS properties of course, but the big vacation houses are leases) also always uses a Credit Card on the same principle if it gets stolen ITS THE BANK'S problem not yours. He made money by selling insurance and consulting on real estate now he makes money on his investments, you buying this $67 dollar course is what he earns in 5 minutes (total of 13 million dollars have come from this course, this is nothing compared on how he invests 45 million in youtube ads monthly for his businesses), hes very open about this there is no shenanigans just Extreme STRESS and Extreme Work (I dont want that strees or amount of work or no love life or no free time so I couldnt do what he does even when I know how to do it).

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