Betty Lim

I fully get the underlying rationale of the experiment you champion, as well as fundamental causes and effects of the pervasive scarcity mindset. My initial comments were prompted by reading the costly learning experiences you recounted about hiring developers at Guru.com who turned out to be dishonest and incompetent, as well as the hassles you encountered with that platform in recouping the money you paid those developers for gigs. So I’m suggesting that you use the services of an established crowdfunding platform to minimize or avoid the unacceptable issues you faced at Gutu.com. While client transaction fees at the leading crowdfunding firms like Indiegogo or Kickstarter reduce funding, a thoughtful cost/benefit analysis of leveraging their well-established expertise, investor database and legitimacy, undoubtedly shortens the steep and potentially costly learning curve inherent in the experimental phase of the Age of We project. Participant perks such as mindset training materials can be priced to absorb crowdfunding fees, without causing price points to be prohibitively unattractive to target participants. Eminent organizations like the Napoleoon Hill Foundation maintains a partner program which provides their highly acclaimed publications to partners they accept. The Napoleon Hill Foundation’s publications include ‘Think And Grow Rich’. In my next response, I’ll give you the name and contact details of another reputable U.S. based publisher of abundance mindset training materials. Meanwhile, stay positive.

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