Moving situations…

My wife and I were in Italy recently for a couple of days and during our visit we had some interesting conversations about the current immigration situation there. Italy is on the frontline of the current surge of movement of people from North Africa and the Middle East trying to come to Europe across the Mediterranean — most arriving on its shores after horrendous journeys on crowded boats run by people traffickers.

The European Union encompasses some 500m people, and has wealth, political freedom and stability. OK, it might have deteriorated slightly because of the imposition of monetary union on members when it doesn’t really fit (as American economist, Milton Friedman once said “you cannot have monetary union until you have political union”). But together with the US it is still generally the most developed and prosperous union across the board. And yet we have people coming here who are desperate, and I believe entitled to safe haven, and we are — in the main — refusing them asylum…read more at

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