Why family is so important to me

I’m a family man first and foremost. Although I’ve worked hard in life to make a success of my business ventures, none of it matters compared to the love I have for my wife Lorna, my children and grandchildren.

You can’t put a price on family and, as they grow so fast, it’s so vital to make the most of every precious moment. Often work takes us away from the one’s we care about, especially in my field, but it’s important to keep our priorities straight and recognise what counts before it’s too late!

Like every grandparent, I adore my grandchildren. I have eight in total (for now), but sadly as many of my children live in other countries, I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. But I try and keep in touch via Skype, telephone and e-mail as much as possible between visits.

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