My Cleaning Routine as a Single Working Father

I don’t like to depend on anyone for anything. That is why I clean my house myself and try to keep it tidy and organised as far as it is possible for a home with a dog, a cat and a teenage boy. Thank you for your condolences. I will admit that two or three times a year I do call domestic cleaners. Aside from the seldom help, I have a simple routine that takes me no more than two hours a day, four days a week. My cleaning schedule may seem strange and frantic at first glance, but it saves time. I hope it will be useful to you too.


Kitchen & Bathrooms

I love cooking and eating, but I hate cleaning the kitchen! There, I said it. OCD’s and perfect housewives may hate me for that statement. My kitchen cleaning routine once a week is to wash up the appliances or at least, the cooker. Lately, I try to find some eco-friendly cleaning methods that take less time. The mixture of soda and vinegar or lemon juice works fine so far, but occasionally I use stronger cleaning solutions, especially for the oven.

Every Monday is to spray the bathroom and leave the detergent to do its magic. Then I go to the kitchen, turn off the appliances I will attend to and apply the cleaning solution. I leave them to soak and return to the bathroom. I wash the tiles and grout with a sponge with soap and after that, I rinse everything with water. Then I run back to the kitchen and wipe the appliances to remove the detergent or the Soda & Lemon mixture. Here is a tip I learned the hard way. When you clean the oven and the fridge, never put the removable parts and the storage compartments in the washing machine. At this point, all this seems like a lot of running, but with time, I learned to manage to do everything in about an hour. The trick is to leave the cleaning products for longer and to clean on a regular basis. Eventually, I contact the professional oven cleaners couple of times a year just to be sure.

What I do every day is to wipe the kitchen counters, wash the dishes and put everything back to its place. I wash or wipe the cooking appliances right after I finish cooking. This way the splashes don’t turn into stains.

Here is a tip when cleaning the bathroom — do it twice a week. It is a good thing to learn how to avoid creating a mess when using the bathroom (meaning, learn to clean after yourself).

Dusting, removing spider webs, mopping the floors and vacuuming are mandatory off course. I do that after the appliances are cleaned and the dry dishes are put back to the cupboards.


Living-room & hallways

I always start with the fun activity of chasing the spiders. There was this one guy that was smart enough to learn my cleaning schedule and always managed to hide. For several months, he (or she) was the unofficial house pet. Eventually, I managed to outsmart the clever arachnid specimen. No, I did not kill it. I released the creature in the garden, next to my neighbour’s garage.

Once the pest control is over, I continue with the peaceful task of dusting. The hovering process, on the other hand, brings total chaos. You see, I have a dog and a cat. That means, that every time the hoover is on there is crazy running all over the house. The thing is that my dear pets created a strategy. The cat runs and tries to push down the TV, while the dog presses the switch off button of the vacuum. I’m not kidding. Those two will take over the world someday. You have seen it all yourself, now here is a Funny Moments YouTube video as a reminder for you.

As for the appliances I use the standard detergents sold in every store. The one thing is that I wipe the TV screen with screen cleaning wet wipes that I buy for my laptop.

Here is another tip for you. When cleaning the rooms always wipe the top of the doors, the corners and under the furniture. Those are the spots where dust piles on and even the slightest wind can make it spread all over the room again.



The well-known routine of dusting, wiping and vacuuming we talked about in the living-room is repeated all over again. Usually, I leave my son to deal with his own room. He’s learning to be responsible.


Shopping for the week & Cleaning the bathroom (again)

It’s not that I am too organised or keep a strict routine when I say that I shop on Thursday. It’s just that, like most men I don’t like to go shopping often. That is why I have one day when I buy most of the food and store it in the fridge. Fruits and vegetables are the only thing I buy every other day from the farmer’s market. I keep to a simple cooking nutritional plan of fresh food and meat GMO-free.

The one thing I do on a shopping day is to check the state of the food in the fridge. I am not a fan of spoiled products so I throw them away before the mould turns into intelligent creatures. As Terry Pratchett wrote, it is not polite to destroy a civilisation after they have discovered the wheel.

Every month

Every month I dedicate one day to washing windows and clearing away the garage.

It may sound stupid with all my crazy strict cleaning routine, but at least twice a year I call professional cleaners to deep clean my entire house. I just like to be sure, that everything is in order. My second confession is that I leave the garden work to the professional gardeners. I just don’t have “the green thumb”.

That is my cleaning routine. Is is too strict? Is it crazy? I don’t care! It works perfectly for me and fits my way of life. The house is spotless and I can dedicate the days from Friday to Sunday for fun and adventures.