When your “economic anxiety” is actually human apathy
Christopher Kennedy

Since I’m kind of going through my own thing right now, maybe I viewed it through my own lens of pain…IF I interpreted the paragraph correctly, I’m so sorry about your dad’s response…that’s so hurtful.

I’ve been trying so hard to wrap my head around this far, far right Republican ideology…After the 47Billionth Rhetorical Question, my better half finally list patience, and said, “THEY.DON’T.CARE”

Somehow, that was what I needed to hear so that I could quit banging my head against the stupid wall, to stop asking ‘WHY?’

They can dress up their duck however they want: Supply Side economics, Socialism, Rugged American Bootstrap. But its all a cover to be heartless, selfish, cruel.

Here’s what I think will get his attention: Riots

The article is about nuclear weapons, but I think there is some kind of insight about 1/2 through the article:

“…Because that’s the only thing that’s going to do it — the people, the riots.”

Maybe its time to “Make it 1968 Again”