Millennials, Social media, and News

In todays society it seems as news is becoming even more and more far left or far right wing on the political scale. This person said this, and that person said that. For instance Rush Limbaugh, a very conservative republican with a news talk show, once said and I quote “We had 11 years of no hurricanes — 11 straight years of no major hurricanes striking land in the United States, which just bores a hole right through the whole climate change argument.” Last major hurricane that was recorded was Hurricane Wilma with a peak of category five and and making landfall at category three. Even if a hurricane does not make landfall doesnt mean they don't exist, it is similar to if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Of course it does. That being said in 2016 there were thirteen hurricanes (21 cyclones) in the pacific with five of them reaching category four. There has been a very large increase in the amount of hurricanes and the strength of them due to the water temperatures and rising sea levels. In 1916 there where only ten hurricanes on the east coast with a total of 15 cyclones. The data is out there and all that one needs to do is a little reasearch to debunk these very lies. Now the lies don’t just come from the far right, there is also lies on the far left, well more bias then anything. I attempted to find some dirt on far left wing websites but in return only found right wing websites bashing on the left wing. Not to forget the constant pop ups of Donald Trump and “crooked Hillary.” So with this new found information i took to the streets (college campus) to ask students what their opinions are on social media and media news outlets.

First person I asked was Caroline Jacobs, age 20 from Shapleigh Maine.

J: “Whats your opinion on social media outlets?”

C: “Like Facebook and Instagram?”

J: “Yea.”

C: “It can be useful if used correctly, but it can suck you in and distract you from other things out there. I use it for getting news and to stay in contact with friends and relatives from other places so that is nice but it distracts me easily.”

J: “Do you think other millennials are obssesed with social media?”

C: “Yes, I think it has become a part of our culture and everyone has some kind of social media. You use it for all kinds of things… good and bad.”

J: “How often do you use social media?”

C: “Everyday, multiple times a day, it is an automatic place to look when bored, I am not sure why just something that is part of my life.”

J: “Final question, do you ever use social media to access news?

C: “Yea, I like news pages and use social media as a way of educating others of problems through pages and shares.”

The second person I interviewed was Paco, age 21 from Italy.

J: “Whats your opinion on social media outlets? How do you use it?”

P: “ It depends on the age of who is using it, young people use social media as a distraction when they are bored. Social media can be very useful tools if we know how to use it properly. I use social media to be connected to friends and family back home.”

J: “Do you think other millennials are obsessed with social media?”

P: “A lot of people are addicted to social media because every time they have free time they use their phones to go on Facebook and instagram. This leads to their obsession with social media.

J: “So how often do you use social media?”

P: “At least every 2 hours.”

The third person I interviewed was Ashlee Schulz, age 20 from Stanford Connecticut.

J: “Whats your opinion on social media outlets? How do you use it?”

A: “I think social media is used for both personal and professional life. i use if for both. am trying to stray away from using social media for personal use due to the fact that jobs are using social media to find applicants and see what their social life is like. I have an Instagram, Facebook, and a linked-in account.”

J: “Do you think other millennials are obssesed with social media?”

A: “Yes, our generation is obsessed with being connected. It is almost kind of sad to see.”

J: “So how often do you use social media?”

A: “I will use social media when i am bored and there is nothing to do. But other then that i am not on it that often.”

J: “Final question, do you ever use social media to access news?

A: “Yes as of right now i am using it to stay up to date with the presidential election.”