Why Business Cases?

The question “Do you really need a blockchain?” will be of paramount importance to North East when deciding which Business Cases to take on. We require a client to provide a Business Case for an internal efficiency increase based upon the amount of time or money an operation takes compared to overall expenditures. We will examine all aspects of the Business Case to ensure that a valid use of blockchain technology exists, and that our technology can compliment business operations to provide cost saving efficiencies.

Streamlined Team

When utilizing other integrators or consultants they will often charge considerably more than they should. At North East we only bring in staff needed for each Business Case, and only for the time required. We offer a nimble and flexible team of experts with overlapping and complimentary knowledge in a myriad of digital areas which combine to offer Enterprise level smart contract and blockchain integrations.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are highly reliable and deterministic digital agreements which provide guaranteed outcomes. At North East our smart contracts are designed, created and audited by some of the most experienced developers in the industry. Their depth of skill is a necessity for enabling North East to provide fault free, tamper proof, and thoroughly audited digital agreements which enhance business operations by providing automated cost savings.

Bringing the 4th Industrial Revolution home.

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