Private/Siloed data

Companies have been hording data since digitization became a necessity, and they have been increasingly paranoid about giving out access due to data breaches over all industries. At North East we alleviate risk and liabilities when interacting with outside data while allowing you to generate an income from your data through bridges linked with smart contracts. All data is trustless, secure, and tamper proof with all the infrastructure code used being open source and fully audited. This methodology ensures that there are no data breaches or malicious data manipulation attacks on your incoming or outgoing data and deployed smart contracts.


North East can connect your systems to any blockchain or DLT your business needs to interact with. Your partners and clients will also have data which you need to access, and we can ensure that this data is safe, tamper proof and reliable when fed into your smart contracts. This enables your business to interact with any correctly configured and permissioned outside data source while adding data to an immutable ledger for automated cost savings.

Oil as Data

This business to business interconnectivity enables your internal systems to generate events for services and products. At the same time, it allows outside databases to trigger your services. The transition to automated practices will harness smart contracts and blockchains to allow seamless and trustless communication to enhance customer satisfaction and provide cost savings. At North East, we believe that this interconnectivity will cause an “oil rush” when companies realise they can make more revenue from their private and siloed data.



Bringing the 4th Industrial Revolution home.

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