The EU-NGO People Smuggling Taxi Service

Italy’s illegal immigration crisis is getting worse every year. In this decade alone, over 600,000 migrants from Africa have made the perilous journey through the Sahara and over the Mediterranean. More and more each year choose to connect with people smugglers in Libya, who now its been discovered, are contacting NGO’s in Italy to get them to pick up their “clients”. The NGO’s working with the human traffickers are creating a taxi service for illegal immigration into Italy and the EU at large.

If Africa is a continent of failed states, then Europe is a continent of failed leadership to address the migrant crisis that has been going on for five years.

The only solution to this human tragedy that the EU is promoting is more illegal migration. How? Because they are not stopping the human smuggler boats. If they aren’t stopping the boats, but accepting all the migrants they can, they are encouraging it.

Another continent has faced this problem before, is Australia. In the late 1990’s Australia had a major illegal migrant flow arriving towards its shores. The government then acted quickly and intercepted the boats before they arrived on its shores (Australia, being a sovereign nation has the right to do this to protect its legal immigration laws).

The EU didn’t have a common anything policy however. Italy was left to deal with the crisis on its own (it also created a model for Greece to follow; ignore the migrants at first hoping they would go away to Northern Europe).

Now the numbers of African illegal migrants are at over 100,000 per year. The EU’s only focus has been demonizing Hungary and to a lesser extent, Poland because they are protecting the integrity of their legal immigration laws, like Australia does.

So in the void of any leadership (and just accepting anyone paying a human smuggler into your country isn’t leadership) NGO’s have reacted to the horrors of a Mediterranean Sea overrun by human smugglers by agreeing to set up a taxi service to ferry the clients to Italy. This dangerous policy will only encourage more Africans to attempt the dangerous journey over the Sahara Desert, with many many deaths there and in Libya as a result.