July 29th

Today has been standard.

I’ve cut the boy’s nails (no mean feat), taken DS1 to the hospital at the speed of light (I blame the fact I’m 40) and arranged his surgery for Friday. Spoken to Health insurance on the phone and got cover for said surgery. I then realised I’ll be doing a lot of my Suicide Squad work and promotion from Hospital, just like my last survey!

Thankfully I then arranged out trip to Aberystwyth (happy happy!), painted DS2’s nails purple and gold glitter, as requested, made DS1 his giant sandwich, fed boys good food and unhealthy food.

Cleaned out stinkbutts, stopped stinkbutts escaping (no mean feat), spent time of the phone to the bank about fraud (no joy), cursed arseholes on Kickstarter (see previous point), hoovered up after stinkbutts (apparently when they’re cross at me they fling their poo), boil washed/ cleaned stinkbutts stuff, realised it’s Friday and I’ve still 2 more days with DH, which makes me very happy :)

n.b. ‘Stinkbutts’ on this occasion are the rats and not my children, but it’s a close thing ;)

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