1. The Shadowtists team.

My story begins in 2045. I’m a scientists, an astrophysicist to be exact. Right now I’m standing behind the glass in the lab, watching the creation of a black hole.

But before I proceed with the explanation of how on earth this shit happened, let me tour you through main points of the last 30 years.

Well, first of all, in 2015 my colleagues started to test some theories about particle creation in large hadron collider. For several years we were analyzing new particles, which were the result of particles collision. The most significant was the test N267A — we suddenly got the fact that, when two elements reach the speed of light and collide, they distort space around them. All of our knowledge inside the collision moment was complete nonsense by the theories we had at that time. So, additional team was created to examine all of anomalies without reporting to the outside world. I was assigned to lead this team of shadowtists.

OK, here I’m, the chief shadowtist Mark Holden. My teammates Brain and Ana - the “anal” shadowtists for their analysis work; Josh is our chemist, Mia is engineer and Chen is our physics guy.

If you are reading this, then this bunch of nerds have failed and probably already died. The rest of the world will be sucked soon.

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