Not A Couple Show Notes: Will & Grace Episode 2.03 — “Das Boob”

If you think Tess got through this episode without Matthew saying “DAS BOOOOOOB” in a German accent 100 times, I have some disappointing news.

It’s not just the title that’s memorable. This episode is frequently ranked among the best offerings Will & Grace ever presented, both for its unforgettable imagery (see the exploding bra photo, above) and the plot itself, which takes Grace on one of her funniest adventures yet and gives Jack a scrap of real human emotion to boob — er, to boot.

Summary: W&G crank out a wacky physical comedy episode partnered with a serious B-plot about friendship. Even better: Grace gets the physical comedy and Jack gets serious. Matthew and Tess are LOVING IT.

“This episode was sponsored by Die Wasser-Möpse: Germany’s favorite export. Having learned from ze mistakes of ze Hindenburg, dis water bra is completely explosion-proof.”

Things That Happen

00:00: Matthew and Tess are very German today for one of Tess’s favorite episodes.

02:38: Water bras are a thing we guess.

Matthew: “Everyone just be happy with the boobs you have.”
Tess: “It’s fine if you want to have them changed medically but maybe be careful about the things you’re sticking in your bra and don’t make it pudding.”

04:45: We talk about boobs a lot and who’s allowed to touch them.

This was just weird.
Jack: “Yeah, Will’s right. These are definitely smaller. Oh my god. I just got to second with Grace!”

09:20: Boobs make for inherently physical comedy.

12:45: Everybody’s a hypocrite this week.

13:24: Old segment: “How is Grace Adler Still Employed?” :: New segment: “How Does Grace Adler Avoid Legal Action?”

15:00: For a Jack-focused B-plot, things got heavy.

Will: “Okay, I get it, I screwed up. What is this going to cost me?”
Jack: “Not much. Just a friend.”

18:18: The Cher Deception.

20:35: Several other odds and bodkins.

Tess: “Please don’t wear brooches, you guys. They’re dangerous to society.”

Link Roundup

Water Bras: If there’s one thing this episode teaches you, it’s to never underestimate what capitalism will invent for the benefit of straight dudes. Yes, while the male half of the Not A Couple equation finds it difficult to fathom, the bra world includes a subset of the push-up genre that’s filled with water or gel to make women’s breasts look bigger. If you’ve gotten this far into the show notes, we shouldn’t need to burst your bubble and poke out the obvious flaw in this design.

Now and Then: This mid-90s flick by I. Marlene King (now the showrunner for Pretty Little Liars) tells the story of 4 girls/women in both the present day and a summer 20 years prior, with all the coming-of-age and bildungsroman that premise implies. It never really took off commercially, but it did include a scene where one of the girls (played by Thora Birch) stuffs her bra with (real!) pudding to get bigger boobs. Boobs are a huge part of this movie; Christina Ricci’s character (played as an adult by Donald Trump’s favorite person Rosie O’Donnell) tapes down her boobs for a significant portion of the movie.

Very Real Evidence That Gay Men Still Exhibit Sexism with the Boob-Touching: Straight from the brain of the grad student, here’s some more reading about why gay men getting handsy with women is generally a problem. This one’s from The Good Men Project, a website focused on starting conversations about what positive masculinity should look like in the 21st century, and this one’s a roundtable discussion from Autostraddle, an online feminist community that’s also the most popular example of queer women’s media on the web. They’re both great and so is the other stuff from their respective sites.

It’s Luke from Gilmore Girls!: It’s so weird and fun when some random person on a TV show becomes an iconic person on a different TV show later. In this particular case the lucky actor is Scott Patterson, who plays Grace’s boob man here and Lorelai’s one true etc etc on Gilmore Girls.

“Beautiful Soul”: We guarantee you Jesse McCartney was talking about the same thing as Grace’s near-beau.

That time Cher maybe almost officiated gay marriages: If only Cher could actually “Turn Back Time” and reorganize her schedule. The year before the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality nationwide in 2015, a federal judge overturned Wisconsin’s gay marriage ban on June 6, 2014 — a date which unbelievably coincided with both the opening day of Milwaukee’s Pride festival and a Cher concert in town. So naturally, there was rampant speculation that Cher herself was going to come down and join the many many wedding officiants — speculation which was never fulfilled but was just so cool to even think about.

Multiple-camera angle porn: We thought this sounded crazy and stupid but that’s just our youth talking. A quick Google search took us on a time-travel trip to internet forums of the early 2000s which proved that multiple angles was indeed one of the highly touted features of DVDs back in the day, but only porn films ever really jumped on the idea. Regular movies generally used the space for director’s commentary and the like, which is not…ideal for porn.

Next Episode: S02E04: “Whose Mom Is It, Anyway?”