Not A Couple Show Notes: Will & Grace Episode 3.05 — “Grace 0, Jack 2000”

Get it? Because Jack’s vacant, creepy eyeballs are the other two zeros?

We know that Will and Grace takes place more than a decade and a half back in time, but it’s mean of this show to put the original year in the title of the episode.

On the other hand, that’s one of our few criticisms of an otherwise solid return-to-form for W&G. Who’d have thought Jack’s cabaret act would be the key to success?

Summary: Jack runs up the scoreboard this week when he transforms his cabaret act into an insult-Will-comedy-special. Grace talks a good game then puts up nil. Tess is very irritated with Matthew for this unsolicited sports metaphor.

“This episode was sponsored by the hit comedy special ‘Jack 2000,’ coming to Netflix soon!”

Things That Happened

00:00: Matthew and Tess make fireworks noises because they actually liked this episode.

01:41: This episode was SO Roman numeral MM. Nostalgia time.

Matthew: “There’s probably people listening to this who don’t remember the year 2000 — which: I just died. But I came back to life to say that in the year 2000 EVERYTHING was 2000 branded.”

04:04: Jack is getting in on the new century bandwagon with his new cabaret act: Jack 2000.

Let’s take a moment (if your ears can stand it) to experience this audiovisual masterpiece.

05:14: Jack seems unaware until this episode that he’s not just a catty gay, he’s actually insult-comic-level mean.

07:11: This is fertile artistic ground for Jack, but it’s totally at Will’s expense.

WILL: “I don’t believe you. I told you that story in confidence.”
JACK: “Well how was I supposed to know that?”
WILL: “Because I used the words, ‘I’m telling you this in confidence.’”
JACK: “Well, let’s not split hairs. Especially yours, since you’re thinning on top. Ooh, that’s good. [INTO RECORDER] Open with the ‘thinning on top’ bit.”

09:45: This week’s conclusion really veers from the W&G model, with both Will and Jack deciding to be the bigger person.

11:12: Before even getting into why Grace is a big zero this episode, Matthew “encourages” Tess to explain why she too likes to go on dates with great guys and then break up with them one day later.

Tess: “One time I went out with this person. We met for Mexican food. And he was all like ‘Oh, I ate a big lunch,’ so he ordered one taco — but after I had ordered a margarita and a burrito! So I’m looking like some kind of drunk-ass fat person who’s just gonna gorge myself on Mexican food in front of him.”
Matthew: “He had diabetes!”
Tess: “I DON’T CARE! He should have ordered FIRST!”

15:35: Breaking up with Ben is hard to do…because Ben is an asshole.

GRACE: “Look… I’ve given this a lot of thought, and, well, we both know that this has sort of played itself out, and I care about you so much, but I really think it would be best if we stop seeing each other.”
BEN: “No.”
GRACE: “Excuse me?”
BEN: “No. I don’t accept that.”

18:08: Thanks to Ben’s mindgames, Grace spends most of the episode confused about how she actually feels, which is especially disappointing since she starts out so self-actualized.

20:03: It was nice to see Grace in a relationship that largely made her happy, but it’d be nicer if we’d seen her in one where she was actually fulfilled.

21:52: Rosario isn’t here, so Matthew and Tess do the housekeeping themselves. (TL;DR: Two more episodes, then we’re taking a week off.)

Link Roundup

Generic Movie 2000: There are probably a lot more low-budget examples of this (including porn which we DEFINITELY did not google), but the biggest offenders we found were Blues Brothers 2000 (RIP Belushi), Dracula 2000 (I vant to suck your AOL connection), and Fantasia 2000 (the Firebird Suite is a surprisingly formative gay moment).

Maybe Rory, who likes Asian guys?

Who is Rory?!?: Is this Rory?!?

Souvlaki: Souvlaki, similar to a shish kabob, is a variety of Greek fast food often sold from dubious carts in NYC. Which is ironic because Mr. Souvlaki’s sweet nothings are all Greek to Will.

Don’t do, it’s not the season for it: late fall! One of Tess’s favorite Maria Bamford bits about, of all things, suicide.

Our long national nightmare Derrick Barry: Vulture clearly has our apartment bugged because they described this Season 8 Drag Race queen the exact same way as us! Let’s watch him go home.

Next Episode: S3E06: “Love Plus One”