Not A Couple Show Notes: Will & Grace Episode 4.5 — “Loose Lips Sink Relationships”

Been there, girlfriend.

This Thanksgiving weekend, we here at Not A Couple are thankful for:

  • The continuing misadventures of four fantastic friends
  • The scene-stealing bravado of Parker Posey
  • Woody Harrelson everyplace that isn’t Will & Grace
  • Looking better with age
  • Turkey
  • Twitter
  • All of our lovely subscribers and supporters
  • The modern era’s indulgence to let a short sweet introduction suffice before jumping right into the meat of a Medium post

Summary: Tess and Matthew are befuddled by three things this week: Why does Will keep getting used as a sexual bargaining chip in workplace disputes, why are Grace and Nathan even still dating, and why would anyone take relationship advice from a woman who thinks Christmas celebrates the birth of Our Lord Cartier?

“This episode would not be possible without the lovely Eric McCormack.”

Things That Happen

  • 2000s-era Will & Grace uses the term “geeky” a little too willy-nilly.
  • Parker Posey really fits in well with the dynamic of the cast of this show.
  • Will continues to be pimped out to other characters’ coworkers, but at least this time he’s trying the new frontier of dating women.
  • Do not ask off the first week you have a new job, especially at Barney’s.
  • We begrudgingly have to talk about Grace and Nathan’s sex-having competition, which is not as fun as it sounds.
  • Matthew and Tess are grownups who have had sex, and you can tell because they have a childish argument about it.
  • Who would have thought this episode would conclude with a Gift of the Magi style sex vs. no sex fight?
  • Tess drops the bomb that Nathan does not get into a motorcycle accident and come out of surgery looking like Harry Connick Jr.

Revival Reflection

Seriously though, guys, Eric McCormack has definitely gotten cuter with age.

Potent Quotables

DORLEEN: “Who’s that you’re talking to?”
JACK: “I swear I don’t know him.”
DORLEEN: “Too bad. He’s hot.”
JACK: “That’s my dear friend Will.”
DORLEEN: “Introduce me. I’ll owe you one.”
JACK: “Introduce you… To Will? But he’s gay — ained like a pound or two. Um, but, you know, he still looks great.”

GRACE: “Come on! Don’t you want me?”
NATHAN: “No! I want to tell you about my pets Snork and Chairman Meow!”
GRACE: “Take me!”
NATHAN: “I’m not a piece of meat! Talk to me!”
GRACE: “I don’t want to talk!”
NATHAN: “I don’t want to have sex!”
WILL: “I don’t want you in my living room! Get out! Have your sex in the gym like normal people.”

Link Roundup

Everyone fits on the door: There’s a lot of back-and-forth about whether both Jack and Rose could have survived in Titanic, but the Smithsonian says yes so it must be true.

Josie and the Pussycats and Parker Posey: When she’s not working at Barney’s, Parker Posey has a gig working as an evil record label executive who makes some very bold fashion choices.

Eauy du Joey: Which is worse, to give out hand cream at Barney’s, or to spritz cologne as a cowboy?

Eric McCormack is aware of this podcast:

Next Episode: S4E6: “The Rules of Engagement”