A villainous fiend has wrapped itself around my soul, one whose fetid breath smells of rotting hope. Its filthy maw vomits out all manner of vile speech. The bile of its vulgar jocularities and venomous judgments have long since dissolved whatever remnants of decency it may have once had. Its eyes only leer and lust, never satiated by the innocence they devour. They roam far from the peaceful scenes of purity upon which they ought to set their gaze to visions that bring a crimson hue to the cherubs’ chubby cheeks and a smug, smut-loving smirk to the Devil’s unabashed face. The fiend’s own smile reveals its teeth, coming down at steep angles and meeting at sharp, serrated points. Yet it is not an unpleasant smile. The villain’s grin is inviting, beckoning the beholder of the wretch’s countenance to join it in mirthful, forbidden pleasures. Its subtle seduction suspends all sensibility. Its winsome nature draws men in, enticing them with grandiose tales of conquest and power and with intimate stories of fully fulfilling gratification. But the one who holds company with it will soon find his own spirit consumed by the beastly creature and subjected to its every wish and whim.

A malicious monster has encircled my heart, encasing it in unending evil. It recoils at righteousness; it sullies sanctity and lauds lasciviousness. It magnifies malignity and praises impenitence. Love is a word lost on its unhearing ears. The only one it loves is its child, Death. The spawn of Satan death is not, but of the creature surrounding my spirit. We gave Death life, and life it took. As Death drew in its first breath, with that breath it took my spirit’s last. And Death continues, my life-long companion, breathing its rattly breaths, stealing vitality with each inhalation until, in the end, it will complete its sedation, and I will succumb to its tireless predation. Eternal slumber is waiting for me with gaping jaws, the eternal restless rest. Later I’ll sleep with all Adam’s children, but not till tomorrow. Today I’ll stay with my virtueless friend, its strong embrace holding me tight to the end.