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What could be more “real” than having people both agree and disagree? 
Look, those that can not make a attempt to make a point without insults, just do not count. ( in my humble opinion)

Those are the ones that even people that agree with them in principle, but have compassion. shake their head when they read their drivel. 
At least that is how I feel when I see it.

This also brings up a point I have been wondering about. IF a person is going to publish a piece on a controversial issue. ( most of the ones that really count and are current can not be any thing but controversial) and they are going to post it in public. How could they ever expect people to not disagree? 
But more to the point, if those thoughts, opinions are not going to be seen by those on opposing sides, what is the point? Validation from like minded people? How will that ever contribute to bringing about change to an issue that is dear to you? 
I feel it is best to only invest your time and energy in those willing to have civil discussions on those issues. It IS you time and energy, invest it wisely!

now I will go take my own advice and work on taxes :)

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