Origins S2-E10: Aaron Gershenberg — SVB Capital

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On this final episode of season two of Origins, we sit down with Aaron Gershenberg, a founder of Silicon Valley Bank’s fund of funds and direct investment group, SVB Capital. Aaron joined SVB in 1999 and under his leadership, the group has grown to over $3.3 billion under management across fund of funds, direct funds and separate accounts. With over twenty years of experience investing in VC firms, he’s one of the most insightful LPs we’ve had on the show to date.

Aaron Gershenberg, SVB Capital

In this episode, we cover a wide range of topics with Aaron. We discuss how he helped to get SVB Capital off the ground in 1999 and how they survived through the dot com lows. We discuss their unique and data-driven approach to investing in venture given their affiliation with SVB, a publicly traded bank and close partner to scores of founders, VCs, and LPs in Silicon Valley and beyond. And we also discuss Aaron’s perspective on what makes a great VC and how to get started in the business.

We want to give an especially huge thank you to Shai Goldman and SVB for sponsoring Origins Season 2. The firm has been an incredible partner to us this season, and throughout the time we’ve been building Notation. THANK YOU!

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— Nick + Alex