Origins S2-E5: Hunter Walk — Partner, Homebrew

Jan 31, 2017 · 2 min read

On this week of Origins, we sit down with Hunter Walk, co-founder and partner at Homebrew.

Hunter Walk, Partner — Homebrew

This episode was one of the most interesting (and fun) to record so far. As two partners still in the early days of building Notation, it’s extremely helpful to look towards other VCs a little further along in their journey. Homebrew undoubtedly represents just that.

In addition to bugging Hunter about his experiences building product as one of the first few hires at Second Life and then at YouTube after the Google acquisition, we dug deep into what it took to get Homebrew off the ground in 2013 with his partner Satya. For those considering starting a venture firm, this was one of the most detailed and tactical conversations we’ve had on Origins to date.

In this episode, we discuss how Hunter and Satya first approached their partnership, how they defined what kind of firm they wanted to build together, and how they found the right limited partners who would be aligned with Homebrew’s mission and values. We also discuss Homebrew specifics like how they think about portfolio construction, how they define their own performance, and the things they focus on at Homebrew that they think are critical to standing out, especially in an increasingly noisy VC market.

Hunter is one of the most thoughtful venture builders in the industry right now, and it showed quite clearly throughout the conversation. We hope you enjoy and learn as much as we did.

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— Nick + Alex


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