Origins S2-E6: Graham Pingree — Cendana Capital

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Graham Pingree joined Cendana Capital in 2014 to return to his roots as a Limited Partner. Combining his past few years in an operating role with his time at Horsely Bridge and Cambridge Associates, he was looking to back the next generation of great VC firms. Graham has long believed, particularly given his work at Horsely and CA, that small funds outperform. So when he met Michael, there was already a clear alignment in strategy, and fortunately for the VCs that now work with Cendana, Graham is known as one of the most helpful LPs in the business.

Graham Pingree, Cendana Capital

In this episode, we particularly enjoyed chatting with Graham about his time at Horsely Bridge, known as one of the very best fund of funds in the industry, as well as some of the early work he did on emerging managers at Cambridge Associates. We also discuss how he approaches new manager diligence at Cendana as well as their thoughts on “pre-seed” as an emerging category of venture firms.

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