I Predicted All 1,230 NBA Games and This is What Happened…

Let me set the stage: It’s a Sunday night, I’m watching Patriots vs. Chiefs, and I suddenly get the realization that there’s no way the Chiefs win this game. By no means am I a Chiefs fan, but I am also by no means a Patriots fan. So what do I decide do? Go to my favorite website, playoffpredictors.com, and predict the results of all 1,230 NBA games (plus the playoffs) for the 2018 NBA season. First of all, I want to start off by saying that, of course, there’s an accidental bias. I try not to be, but it always comes out in some form. I’m an Orlando Magic fan, and I am as big of a Lebron fan as I am a Patriots fan… Now that that’s set aside, let’s get right into the picks:

Eastern Conference:

My 2018 Eastern Conference Predictions

Only a couple surprises here, in my opinion. One of them is probably the Hawks, who just miss out on the #8 seed. I think that Trae Young could possibly be Rookie of the Year this year, but that’s for a different article. For the most part, the East is garbage. I don’t see any of these bottom five teams making it over 30 wins, except maybe the Bulls or Heat. I see the Magic sneaking into playoff action, even with a below average season. Mamba, Gordon, Fournier, and Isaac should lead the team to 39 wins. As a Magic fan, I would like to see Vucevic get traded at the deadline for a capable PG, and that’s what I’m expecting to happen with this prediction. Detroit’s dominant frontcourt will carry the Pistons to the #8 seed, and the Pacers and Bucks will be neck and neck all year long. I think the top 5 teams in the Eastern Conference are all given, but the order may differ based on opinion. The Celtics absolutely dominated the regular season last year, and I see that happening again, but this time with Gordon Hayward. Kawhi Leonard and the Raps will fall one game shy of the one seed, but I would consider 60 wins to be a success for Toronto. Then comes the young 76ers led by Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, and Markelle Fultz, who apparently can make jumpshots now. But who will be crowned the Eastern Conference champion?

Western Conference:

My 2018 Western Conference Predictions

Ah, the West. What is there to say besides “Golden State exists”? Well I’ve got GSW improve their win total by eleven games with the addition of Boogie Cousins, as maybe they’ll try in the regular season this year. The Rockets regress slightly by record, but their still the same James Harden-led team, but with Carmelo Anthony and a financially secure Clint Capela. Fun fact: In Clint Capela’s new contract, he has an incentive to shoot 65% or higher from the free throw line. If he does, he gets rewarded with $500,000. Anyway, Lebron and the Lakers win 46 games, as they are still a developing team. Anthony Davis and the Pelicans go 49–33, to barely top what they did last year. One surprise is that the Jazz missed the playoffs. With the addition of the Lakers and the Nuggets to the playoff race, two teams from the playoffs last year had to go: the Jazz and the Spurs. The Spurs are going into full rebuild mode this year, and the Jazz just can’t compete with the other teams in the west. I think that Doncic, Bagley III, and Ayton will all have good first years, but I don’t see their teams getting it done. I think next year will be the year these teams start competing for playoff berths.

The Postseason:

My 2018 NBA Playoff Predictions

The postseason is upon us! Let’s get the first couple rounds out of the way so we can see who the Warriors play in the Finals. In Round 1, Golden State faces Minnesota. I see the T-Wolves taking one in Minnesota off a Karl Anthony-Towns buzzer-beater, but that’ll be the only glimmer off hope the Wolves see all series. All the way to Boston we go where the Pistons will own the paint like Picasso! Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond be like: “Oh wait, they have shooters?” Boston in 6. Rockets vs. Blazers? This is just a warm-up for Houston. Quick five game series for H-Town. Over to Orlando where it looks like the Magic might not get swep — nope. They’re getting swept. Next up, Russell Westbrook and Paul George try to challenge Lebron James in a playoff series. That’s where they went wrong. Lebron is NOT losing in the first round, even though it was close last year. Now down to Washington where another John Wall season has been wasted! Pelicans Nuggets is an interesting matchup with Davis vs. Jokic, but I have to give the advantage to Davis. He’s just too dominant on the interior for anyone to hold him. Mardi Gras in 6. Milwaukee vs. Indiana! Two powerhouse locations battle it out for midnorthwest (yes, I just made that a thing) supremacy! Cheese beats corn. It’s one of those rock paper scissor things: paper beats rock, scissors beats paper, and cheese beats corn. Oh yeah, and Giannis Antetokounmpo is good. This Warriors Pelicans series looks a bit too familiar… Same result, too. Now here comes possibly the first difficult pick of this entire postseason extravaganza: Lakers vs. Rockets. We haven’t seen a Lebron vs. Harden playoff series yet, and I hope this happens, just because it will be really fun to watch. In this series, I either see the Lakers in 6, or the Rockets in 7. I don’t see this young Lakers team winning in 7. They have Lebron and all, but the Rockets have experience. Houston takes this one at home, right in the heart of Texas. Back to the easy picks, Celtics over Bucks is a given. Giannis will make it difficult, but, in the end, Boston’s offensive firepower will be just too much. In the Sixers Raptors series, I think Joel Embiid will dominate Jonas Valanciunas. Kawhi might do his thing, but that won’t stop Joel Embiid from doing his. 6ers in 6. Now that it’s the Conference Finals, you might think Id have something more to say about the matchup, but there’s literally nothing. It’s the Warriors. THEY HAVE A STARTING FIVE OR STEPHEN CURRY, KLAY THOMPSON, KEVIN DURANT, DRAYMOND GREEN, AND DEMARCUS COUSINS. Not to mention the three latter players can all comfortably play center. Golden State in six. The Celtics will narrowly edge out the 76ers to boost them to Finals, giving them the honor of getting demolished by Golden State. If you’re a 76ers fan, don’t be mad, it’s not even worth making it to the Finals at this point. C’s over Philly in 7, and Warriors over Celtics in 5.

By the way, I predicted the results of 1,309 NBA games in the creation of this article.