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Welcome to Noted

We created Noted after growing tired of having to jump through hoops while sharing music. Over the past year, we’ve captured 1,000,000+ musical interactions and worked with tens of thousands of users to streamline music sharing at Nusiki. Our team’s simple solution to a problem we faced became more than just a song-messaging app. It became a community and an incredible way to find songs from people you know.

After raising additional capital, incorporating feedback and gaining support from industry partners, we’re launching Noted; a smarter, more personalized experience connecting people through music.

We’re excited to enter the next phase of our vision and to solve a major problem in social music discovery for ourselves and millions of music fans just like us!

Hope you enjoy!

The Noted Team

What is Noted?

Noted is a social music discovery app that combines music-libraries, friends and a “special sauce” that learns your musical taste as you engage, creating a smarter way for friends to share and discover music together. It’s a social stream of good music curated by people you trust.

With so many music libraries and messaging options available, sharing music is more complicated than it should be. While music libraries are great to listen to, they lack compelling social features. Social networks are good for sharing, but provide a mediocre listening experience. Noted provides a music-specific platform to seamlessly discover and listen to music from multiple libraries and friends in one place.

Noted also uses brand new tech to learn as users engage to provide a customized social music experience.

How it works:

Noted App Demo Video

First, we combine popular music libraries so you can search, share and listen to any song in the world from our various libraries.

Then, you follow the people you trust to see what they’re listening to.

Press play on your feed and you now have a stream of music posted by people you trust. When you like or repost songs in your feed, our algorithms take over and provide you with songs you’ll like from people you know.

You can post songs in the app and create a soundtrack to your life that is showcased on your profile. All the while, Noted blends the best of social networks and technology for the smartest, most personalized music-discovery experience available.

Just like that it’s easier than ever to find songs you’ll like from people you know.

Why we’re doing it.

We started solving a problem for ourselves. We didn’t have a good way to send each other songs. But as we’ve spent time and learned, we’ve realized that what we’re building is much more than a music-messaging service. It’s a community and a culture. Music is a part of what it means to be human and we want to keep it that way. As music online continues to shift, we want to evolve with it.

Noted is the best of both worlds. Find songs from your friends but use brand new technology to make that process much easier. Because the music is important, but the people are too.

Launch Details

i. Release date — 3.24.16

ii. Price — Free on Android and iOS

iii. App Store Links — iPhone or Android

iv. Website —

Description and Features

Noted makes it easier to discover music you like from people you trust. It creates a social stream of good music chosen by friends by combining music-libraries, friends and a “special sauce”, that learns your musical taste as you engage.

Discover new music from your friends; share your favorite songs with your followers and stream songs and videos from YouTube and Soundcloud in the app.

Noted’s Social Features

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