Who are Designers?

Treatises on Design #1

Designers play a unique role in society, unlike all others. The role of the designer is ever-present but hidden. Design plays roles of both to be seen, and unseen yet is always present. To uncover what is the relationship of the designer to the world around us, we must first define what is a designer. A designer is the creator of the interface through which individuals, groups and societies interface to the world around them. What does this mean? Designers are the people who have created the interface through which I am currently writing this article, and you are currently reading it. They have created the room you find yourself in and the storefronts you pass along the street. Everything from the streetlights on your block to the interface of your iPhone passed through the hands of a designer. Specially, the profession of graphic designer has become increasingly important with the rise of the web and screen technology.

Now, considering that virtually everything around us in the modern world has passed through the hands of a designer. How many designers can the average person name? Likely not a single one. How many people are even aware or think for a moment that the apps they use, the websites they visit, and the book covers in their hands were created by graphic designers? Few are aware and few stop to think about it.