All About the Electra Project (ECA) 3.34% Premine & What Their Team Doesn’t Want You to Know!

The Electra project, founded by an anonymous individual by the name of E01, consists of a “core team” that makes the overall decisions for their community-based cryptocurrency project ( more information on them coming in the next few articles! ). Unfortunately we cannot state facts about the current core team as many are anonymous; however we can focus on and discuss 1 major key factor — their 3.34% of 30B ECA premine and why they NEVER really discuss or explain how the project itself was started on their website, blog interviews or anywhere… They just focus on the following about their premine:

“One of the lowest on the market!”
You can view their 3.34% claim on their about page.

Now here comes the interesting part. As mentioned in the introduction, the Electra project was created by an anonymous individual by the name E01. Not many would trust someone without a name or profile picture. How would an individual get people interested in their project? How about a Super Rewards Bonanza Period!!! Proposed by E01, himself or herself, within the BitcoinTalk forum where everyone was notified the following…

19 billion Electra will be POW mined in 24 hours on day 40
Check page 2 or click here for a direct link to the post.

Crazy, right? 19,000,000,000 ECA or 63.33% of their entire supply was to be mined in just 24 hours on day 40! I don’t know about you but 40 days is NOT a lot of time to start or build a huge community, especially when the founder is anonymous individual. Which has lots of people thinking…

  • How did anyone really find out about this project if the founder is anonymous? Close friends? Close colleagues?
  • Who were the first true members of the Electra ECA project?
  • Was 40 days really enough time to build a trusting community? One that would acquire 63.33% of the entire circulating supply?


Let us now go back to that 3.34% of 30B ECA premine which they are extremely proud to notate as “one of the lowest on the market.” Is it really fair for them to claim their premine as being just 3.34%, when in reality they had a bonanza period where a small niche community collected 63.33% of their entire circulating supply?

Perhaps the definition of “premine” suits them well here and it works to their advantage but many fail to realize that…

3.34% + 63.33% = 66.67% of the Electra (ECA) Project was mined & collected out of their max supply of 30B in just 40 days! Don’t you think this is important information?

Is it really fair to just mention & highlight the 3.34% premine?

Things get even better as the initial Point-of-Stake (PoS) reward also started out at 50%, as if that 24 hour bonanza period was not enough! But I hope readers of this article will visit the BitcoinTalk forum (Page 2) to verify all the numbers. You can now see and perhaps understand why the “Core Team” is so focused on only disclosing the 3.34% premine and never discussing the bonanza period which took up 66.67% of their max supply in 40 days!

More exciting in-depth research and facts about the Electra Project coming soon :)

edit: Many individuals will claim that this has all been public! This is true and why we are able to present these facts. Just because an anonymous individual, E01, made an announcement of the bonanza period does not mean that “everyone” was aware of it. Many communities start out small… We can only imagine how the Electra community was initially started, especially with the founder being an anonymous individual. We present the facts and you can of course validate to make your own opinions on this project!

Still… Why not just disclose that 66.67% of the max supply was reached in just 40 days by a brand new community?

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