Random Rants: Episode One

Money over Mind: Are we selling ourselves short?

For the longest time I’ve questioned it, and haven’t been able to shake the uneasy feeling in my gut when I punch that time clock. I’m sure you feel the same. Eight hours a day we slave away to a boss we can’t stand, at a job we’re not happy with, all to pay the bills and feed our families. But…

Are we doing the right thing?

Everyone has needs, necessities, and goals, but have we lost sight of what it means to live?

As we grow older we are forced to face reality for what it is. We are tossed into the world and scramble to find work. We are given no rule book or guide to success, so therefore we accept the jobs we can find. Even if you are lucky enough to find a stable full-time job that pays the bills you may still find yourself coming home angry, and waking up depressed. What can you do but carry on punching that old time clock?

Lowman & Hanford Printing Company Time Clock from 1913

Punching that time clock isn’t always so bad, providing the things we need, however as people we yearn for more. We are individuals, with individual passions, talents, and capabilities, yet we continue to work jobs that don’t embrace our uniqueness. We punch time clocks and complete remedial tasks for little pay so someone who followed their passions and created the business fattens their pockets from our work. We toil while they cart around playing golf or throw back brews on their yachts.

What have these people done to achieve this position?

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