This will by far be one of the most sensitive subjects that I, or anyone else could ever attempt to touch. In fact there’s a deliberate effort to not step on any toes, or insult any perceptions, because I have not lost anyone for the reason being his race, even though I have been called out on how black and dirty my skin color is, and a monkey, and both actually. However, this piece attempts to handle the motif from neither a victim or victor’s angle but from the fence, without undermining every act of dehumanization anyone ever got subjected to because of their skin color.

Racism has been an issue for far too long. In way too many countries. There’s always a story or two from every corner of the West. From losing respect for a white man calling you an animal and asking that you give up your seat to just simply losing your life to a white cop. The damages remain immeasurable. These damages seem to have seeped through time, steadily escaping solution even though it faces abatement here and there. But for sure, there’s been no positive outcomes from it all. Nobody’s exactly winning but everyone has had something to lose. Even if it’s just a reputation.

Before I go on to say more, I wish to humbly borrow the understanding of all Black people out in the West on this statement, without resentment: IT’S NOT YOUR COUNTRY. Don’t misunderstand yet. But popular historic events tells that Black people were brought in a couple hundred years back to handle labor. Getting technical might point out that it’s not for them (Americans) either but that will just be a waste of time cos no one’s really abusing them. But truth remains that whether or not it’s theirs, it’s not yours. With that being said, there’s a sense of security of all types that can just not be arrived at even if its illusion has been fabricated by the laws at work.

Now, focusing on the United States in particular, where there’s major non-White groups who have made homes or are trying to, but I believe face the most abuse, I would like to talk about the general racial images and its effect. Black people, Mexicans, and maybe Puerto Ricans happen to be the most of these races. They literally form the country, because of their numbers and contribution to making it what it is today. However, these races have images that have been formed for them, either by themselves or the system which directly or indirectly influences the treatment they receive from White people. These are both positive and negative. (I could be corrected on this view) When you take Mexicans in the U.S. for example, they’re tagged with gardening and horticultural expertise and their excellent spicy colon cleansing cooking. Their women known to be vital with house-keeping services. That’s good. But there’s still a side that says they can be identified by their drug trafficking side jobs, deliberate over-population and child marriages. Puerto Ricans, I can’t be too sure of the good side but can be known by their movement in gangs, drugs, piercings and full body inks. Maybe bandannas and dark shades too. Black people are the most hardworking in my opinion. Theirs can be seen in academic excellence, athletics and sports, great music industry full of geniuses, and just working double or triple jobs, even in places no one wants to work. On the other hand there’s selling drugs, crime, gangs, guns, and the street life; doing whatever it takes to survive. With all of these images, the best is being done to drive either. But the negative will always be more observable than the positive.

Past experiences will make the Black image one of interest because it’s in many ways affected the way we get treated out there. Just between Black people, there’s been too much crime, and too much of very avoidable killings. Black gangs have over the years made mistakes of solving very small problems with violence, turf wars and drive-by shootings, just to make one form of statement or another. I’m only pointing this out because we can’t fight among each other with inimical methods and have it differently when we’re being fought against as a unit. Others are going to be extremely cautious of dealing with Black people when the perception is that the average Black man on the street from age 15 above has a gun, or knife that he’s not afraid to use to attain street credibility. This does not justify any action of racial damaging, but doesn’t cease to be factual. We can also not expect better, even from the media for projecting this negative side more.

The destination I’m heading towards with this is to reveal, without any hypocrisy, how normal it is for people to behave in the way some White people (even authorities) behave towards Blacks, once you decide to not hold them responsible for their lack of education and tolerance. There’s a similar situation with my country, Ghana, and even other very African nations, and then the Chinese. The images formed by foreigners is dreadfully affecting the treatment they receive from the nationals. Ghana happens to be very welcoming and hospitable for all. Nonetheless, the image of fellow West Africans, such as Nigerians has been seen mainly to be crime and fraud, and even ruthless murder for various reasons. The Chinese have created for themselves illegal mining which often results in destruction of natural resources. These images have heavily affected the aforementioned kindness Ghana would have been known for, especially towards these two groups. There’s just a certain level of caution needed to work out business transactions with a Nigerian in particular, for the traces of fraud in their esteem as far as Ghanaians are concerned. And there’s just certain places and times of the night that you can’t find yourself without panicking because you heard a Nigerian accent, or know it to be a space where they generally find habitat. The Chinese are just blatantly blamed for a decline in the economy for the detrimental effect of their actions on the environment. Comparatively, the average Ghanaian will cry out for the eviction of Nigerians and Chinese, and even the Police will be a bit more brutal with these members of our country. Its takes high levels of experience and open-mindedness to accept that not every Nigerian will seek to defraud or harm you, and not every Chinese is here for gold or to take advantage of our environment. Especially where Ghanaians were fairly already doing these things to ourselves even before foreign arrival.

There will be so many similar occurrences with other countries and their experiences with non-natives. But the truth is once its not your country, even if you’re a legal citizen, there will always lack that fullness of security and safety. Then there’s the projected image that has to be overcome. Its always going to be hard for Black people out there. Black people have to be extra careful with the places we find ourselves, and the times. Be willing and able to calm all expectations of being threats to anyone or anything. And there will always be casualties because it could all be done, but there will still be those uneducated hateful (for no apparent reason) unlearned guy that harms or abuses you just for being Black. For the other feathery instances where Blacks get called animals, or is refused a job or privilege or entry, or even a right, it’ll take patience and maturity that I personally cannot fathom, to deal with such situations. But we’ll get there.

To the white racists out there reading this…The forefathers might have brought in Black people to treat them badly and subject them to terrible ridiculous ordeals for profit or sport. That was years ago when there was very little enlightenment. But somewhere along the line it was learned that its just a complexion, and they couldn’t keep doing that anymore. You need to keep up with that process, especially with all this time that you’ve had, to understand that we’re rather just alike. Some even better. You can say for all eternity that its not a Black country but then Black people have no other homes anywhere to go to. So much has been sacrificed by Black people to get America where it is today, and the effort to that thrive continues. Actually, Black people can’t be done without. Black people are harmless. Black people are humans. And black people are beautiful.

Racism. Reverse racism. Side racism. Maybe it’ll never die. But it’ll never lose anything either.We as humans will always be the losers and we need to mature to attain the future we see. Whether Black or White.

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