GRAVE Remorse…

This piece is motivated but a recent memorial that I attended. A young 31 year old that I only met once, But have no doubt could’ve been one of the best people that I could know. It actually happened to be the third I had been at my entire life, and not being family, I was shocked by how personally I related to the ceremony.

So the initial plan was to only make a stop and then continue to another meeting. But somewhere en route the little voice in my head changed the plans. I felt like I wanted to be there. I’m unfamiliar to his folks, so I sat secluded and almost everything had my attention. I was just dropped to my knees holding tears when the tributes got to being read.

This young soul had a rather large circle of loved ones. People from various parts of his life, aside immediate family all had enough to say. It touched me in so many ways and I couldn’t stop thinking about myself and the people I love. I had a brief audit to my own life and the people around me. I arrived at three main realizations for the day.

The impact. It really is about the impact. How many lives you touch. The mark you make. This man was definition for “it’s never too early to start”. For everyone that manned the stage there was a factor of having their lives hugely affected by his life, and so his death. At his age this man had invested enough, particularly in the lives of other to make him that indispensable. It made it even the more sad because this very imperative personality had to be uprooted a bit too abruptly. But it remained that his efforts towards the people and things he cared about were exemplary to everyone seated there.

On the other side was the kind of things being said about him. His circle had the most beautiful remarks about the life that he lived and the ways he made their lives better. The smiles he created and the problems he made disappear. The promises he made and the dreams he was working on. His value and his worth to them. How much he was loved and cherished. How does it take but for his passing for all these to be said to him? Why was this chance not taken while he was still here? Many of us know what we have but will yet wait till its gone so we are only left with so much unsaid. Till its too late. We have to appraise the heroes in our lives and we have to do so now. It could be the smallest or biggest but its not to be saved for a bad time anymore. We have to tell them. We have to let them know.

The things I heard on the day are things that I want said about me. While I’m here and when I’m gone. The things that were said are things I want to say to the people that I love. While they’re here and when they’re gone. Its a short life to be full such unforeseen misfortunes and losses. For us to have regrets when it comes to our beloveds. Be the cause for the most smiles today.